Common Transmission Problems

Transmission Problems 

San Antonio Transmission Repairs 

With so many working parts, modern day transmissions are essential to our vehicles running smoothly and efficiently. But because they are indeed so complex, transmissions have many things that can and often do go wrong.


Your transmission provides power to all four wheels of your automobile. If it’s not functioning properly, it’s always a good idea to have things checked out by a certified mechanic sooner rather than later.


Using diagnostic tools that allow for pinpointing the precise issue that’s causing your transmission to malfunction, a trained professional can then give you expert advice on what you could, and should, do to get your car running smoothly again. There are several potential problems to consider when talking about transmissions, and your car will almost certainly give you warning signs prior to anything becoming a major inconvenience. But some of the more common transmission procedures include: 

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Transmission Flush 

This is a service that’s designed more to prevent major problems, than an actual major problem itself. But transmission flushes are some of the more common procedures performed today in the United States. During a transmission flush, your mechanic will eliminate any old and dirty transmission fluid from your vehicle and replace it with new fluid that should help preserve the life of your car. Experts recommend performing a transmission flush about every 100,000 miles.

Bearing Replacements

This is one of the more common repairs in the United States, for vehicles that have automatic transmissions. These are equipped with components called torque converters, and when these wear out, they’ll need to be replaced by a qualified mechanic.

Solenoid Adjustment 

Your transmission’s solenoids are the electronic systems that are responsible for adjusting the amount of fluid that’s sent through your transmission system as you drive. When your transmission begins to slip out of gear, it could very well be time to schedule a solenoid adjustment.

Complete Rebuild or Replacement 

Of course these are some of the more minor repairs involving transmissions, but they can become much more complex if the problem is not diagnosed and addressed right away. Rebuilding and replacing transmissions can become very involved and very expensive, so it’s best to visit an experienced and qualified mechanic at the first sign of trouble.

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Other Things to Watch Out For 

Check Engine Light 

If this light is on, think of it as your car crying out for help, and only you can render assistance. If your check engine light comes on, drive straight to an auto shop and have it diagnosed right away.

Problems Shifting Gears 

If you’re experiencing difficulty shifting gears, delays and/or trouble getting into or staying in gear, this is almost certainly a problem with your transmission. It would be advisable to have this checked out sooner rather than later.

Slipping or Jolting 

Slipping between gears or experiencing a sudden jolt when shifting into Drive is a common symptom of transmission problems.

Strange Noises 

Clicking, buzzing and/or clunking when shifting or driving usually means that transmission parts are hitting or rubbing against each other. Get this checked out as soon as you can.

Leaking Fluid 

If you see transmission fluid leaking onto your driveway, you’ll want to schedule a transmission service as soon as possible. If you’re low on fluid, your transmission could easily overheat

Need & Check or Service? 

Our Diagnostic Tests or Transmission Services are fast and affordable. Quickly pinpoint your transmission problems and let's get you back on the road. 




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